--- Comment #1 from Krinkle <> 2011-01-02 16:22:57 UTC ---
That CSS catelogue will soon be outdated, and in a way already is since
Wikipedia runs on 1.16 and MediaWiki is currently preparing 1.17 for release
and trunk is 1.18 so it shouldn't be imported to since it already
doesn't represent what is coming within a month – not the mention the parts
that are Wikimedia and/or Wikipedia specfic.

As for Common styles, MediaWiki is used way more then just Wikipedia and it can
already be quite nasty for developers to create own skins due to the number of
default styles that need to be 'reset' in some cases.

If people are interested in being exactly the same as Wikipedia, nothing keeps
them from doing that, but it most certainly should not be the default in a
MediaWiki release:

* go to [[Special:Version]] and install the extensions you like
* go to [[MediaWiki:Common.css]], [[MediaWiki:Common.js]],
[[MediaWiki:Vector.css]], [[MediaWiki:Vector.js]] and copy the relevant stuff.
* Anything else ?

Seems like a fairly straightforward process.

If your request is to have styles across the various Wikimedia projects be the
same, perhaps request some kind of [[MediaWiki:Global.css]] which could be
stored on Meta-Wiki or Commons that affects all wikis.

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