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--- Comment #9 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-01-02 20:19:31 UTC ---
I'm gonna take the initiative and resolve INVALID (I really want a
'WONTIMPLEMENT' to supplement 'WONTFIX', which implies it's a known problem we
won't fix, rather than a valid, but not desired in this case, option).

Messing with the options to accept semicolons as separators is possible, but
has a bunch of problems:
* would likely break things that submit freeform text in forms, since text can
contain semicolons, so mixed-mode parsing gets confusing
* the settings in php.ini aren't always editable
* even when they are adjustable, PHP code can't change it as it's too late
* it would be possible to reimplement the GET parameter extraction from scratch
in WebRequest, but that doesn't seem worth the effort
* more code paths and more URL variants just sounds icky

The sort of case where this originally came up -- hacky wikitext/HTML/JS
mixture pages that use several layers of processing meant for other layers of
processing to try to whip stuff together -- are good cases for more specialized
systems of template generation that would reduce the need for manual
intervention on the markup level.

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