--- Comment #1 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-01-07 22:03:55 UTC ---
unknown method, no URL, and ERR_INVALID_REQ all make me suspect that there's a
basic problem with your HTTP request itself: the squid proxy servers which are
Wikimedia's first line of response are giving you a complete rejection, saying
it can't understand what you're telling it even enough to send it to the actual
web servers.

It looks like you're manually constructing an HTTP request from scratch by
mashing strings together. Make absolutely sure that you're doing this
correctly, for instance:

* are all the variables correct?
* are their values actually getting interpolated?
* do you have any issues with mixtures of \r\n and \n? (\r\n should be used at
the line separator, I believe, but unless your code is changing it you'll have
*either* \r\n or \n depending on your OS's file encoding...?

You might for instance try dumping the string and checking it manually before
sending it out. If you get the same, try making your request simpler -- take
out some of those parameters and see what you get. Confirm that you can make an
HTTP request _at all_ with this code, then add parameters back until you see
what's wrong.

However in general, I'd recommend that you go ahead and use some existing HTTP
library that can handle constructing an HTTP request with multipart form
submission data, such as CURL or the PEAR HTTP_Request2 module.

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