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This patch adds the jquery tablesorter

I converted the plugin for MW. Changes include:

1. Sites can specify custom collations.
The script accepts an object "tableSorterCollation" which contains a lookup
table, how specific characters should be treated.
For example, after setting "tableSorterCollation={'ä':'ae', 'ß':'ss'};" in the
site's common.js any string containing an ä or Ä will be sorted as if it were a

2. Table rows can be forced to use a specific data type.
By setting class="sort-{Parsername}", the row will be parsed with the specified
algorithm. class="sort-date" would force date sorting etc.
The following parsers are available: text, IPAddress, number, url, currency,
date, isoDate, usLongDate, time

3. Execution time is reduced by half or more.

Sorting a 935 row * 8 columns table:

Browser     Before      After

Chrome 10      90ms        42ms
Safari 5            115ms       48ms
Firefox 4          412ms      87ms
IE8                   720ms       115ms

4. Based on the content language and the mdy vs dmy preference, the parser can
understand dates such as "17. März '11". wgMonthNames=[] and
in the content language and the mdy vs dmy preference are exported to js; A
table containing the following dates would be sorted correctly:
17. Jan. 01
23 Feb 1992
13 November 2001
14 Oktober '76

Notes: This patch requires the patch from Bug 4740. It was tested in ie6-8,
chrome, safari 5, ff3 & ff4

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