--- Comment #4 from James Alexander <> 2011-01-09 
23:49:39 UTC ---
Just adding some thoughts from this year's fundraiser as I was thinking about
it. While the paging as clearly made the 'massive breakage' part of this much
better I still think this is a feature that is needed and could make things a
lot easier for everyone in the long run. This year's fundraiser alone we have
more then 500 banners and since in general we don't want to delete banners for
historical reasons (for example to see what we did, compare/copy code and
because they are linked in a bunch of places) we are left with this massive
amount of banners still in the system. This makes it tough both to look for old
banners and to deal with banners that you are still using (for example one of
our banners from the very start was used up until the last day in some

I think the ideal system would be to either automatically or manually (manually
may in fact even be better) allow us to push banners to folders or even just to
'archive' them and have them auto filter into folders by date. A simple
'archived/active' would also be helpful if a folder type system is unworkable.

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