Summary: "sandbox" banners being displayed in
                    Special:CentralNotice campaigns and
                    Special:NoticeTemplate because of overlapping css and
                    js when multiple banners displayed.
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: any
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Normal
         Component: CentralNotice

Currently banners frequently do not look or act how they are supposed too (and
set up too) when displayed alongside other banners (generally in CentralNotice
campaigns or on Special:NoticeTemplate) This is because the style sheets of
each banner overlap with each other. When pieces of the banners share the same
class or id name (for example when one was copied to start the othe) they can
override each others settings making the only real way to view hem by looking
directly 1 banner at a time (go to the edit banner page) or by using the
?banner= force code on a wiki. The biggest examples of this is when links won't
go to the right spot (because the JavaScript from one banner is writing a link
on other banners) and banners not showing the right picture or text

Clearly much of this can also be solved by having unique id's and class names
for each piece of each banner. I've tried to do this a lot more recently but
having the ability to reuse large parts of code (and just change images, text,
settings etc) can help to both keep the code more consistent as well as help
make it easier to show other uses how to create banners so that we are not
reliant on an extremely limited amount of people. I've planned on creating
empty templates for the common banner setups (with documentation on what to
change to set them up) and this would also make that much easier since I would
not have to tell them to change the id's.

A slightly different but related example is the similar overlap of css/js when
you are working on the central notice interface while other banners are
running. Even when you have banners set not to display (for example though your
personal css) the scripts load and will overwrite what you are working on if
they share class names/id's.

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