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--- Comment #4 from 2011-01-12 09:03:20 UTC ---
I understand: there were four loving people who were not too keen on caring
about their work? Do I get that right?

Honestly, thanks for pointing me to the right direction, although the problem
is not to be solved. And sad to hear that the work spent on stabilizing still
leads to some problems, at least for some users. I turned the toc off, now the
browser doesn't crash anymore. I'm lowering priority to normal.

But two problems still exist. The first is that when pasting the editor adds
lots of white-spaces, about 2 per line. And the second is that all the breaks
within the pasted text get lost, no matter what origin it comes from
(notepad++, wiki). When pasted into the WikiEditor, there will be only one
(huge) section.

If you had another useful hint to get along with that, I would be grateful.

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