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(In reply to comment #3)
> While first of all you should be using quickUserCan('create') not
> quickUserCan('createtalk'). (The permission is called createtalk, but you're
> checking if the user can create not that they can createtalk)
No, I'm only interested in the talk pages, as you see further down:
>    if(!$sktemplate->mTitle->quickUserCan('createtalk')){
>      foreach(array_keys($links['namespaces']) as $ns){
>        if(strpos($ns,'talk')!==false){
On the manual page you say
> Note: Revoking the 'edit' right already prevents affected users from creating 
> new pages and talk pages.
(which doesn't tell the user the exact code you mean too, by the way.)
However quickUserCan('createtalk') says otherwise.
> Secondly, it is expected...
One cannot know what is expected. One only reads the manual page.

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