--- Comment #3 from jason brown <> 2011-01-14 
04:18:04 UTC ---
Thanks very much for the quick response. Answers following your points, in
quotes, as follows.

"Well it does say "for experts only". Basically what it does is you download a
file, and you're supposed to have a program on your computer that takes that
file and helps you edit it."

Yup. But the "experts" bit gets a bit lost among the 21 or so other options on
the page - and that's just for "editing" !

"For more info about what the option does, see";

Cool. Just read this bit - "This is accomplished using a very simple system" -
cue crazed non-techy laughter.

"We could potentially add a comment in the file explaining what the deal with
is, and how to stop it from happening. (the downloaded file is an ini file, i
think that format supports comments of some sort)"

Just tried to open one of the said PHP files but got a "Windows cannot open
this file:" error box. Maybe INI files are linked on computers owned by people
with IT skills, but not most IITs - Idiot Information Technologists - like me.
Short story: people can't read INI notes if their computer is not set to open

"Do you have some sort of text that would be clearer for the option text is

Yup, and your responses helped me figure out some ideas. I was just about to
suggest an advanced options tab when I checked and there already is one! Okay,
as a format layout guy, I would suggest making the words "advanced options" -
currently in light grey - much bolder, bigger and in the colour RED. Too easy
to miss as it is, especially when there are literally dozens of other options
to go through. Even better, would be, eventually, a similar arrangement as the
new text input box with an "advanced" link. So that idiots, like me, never get
tempted to even look at such things, or at least have to make a conscious
decision to access advanced features. For now, though, red lettering might cut
back on the number of people clicking things they shouldn't.

Again, thank you, Bawolff and hope this feedback is not a total pain.

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