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--- Comment #23 from Daniel Friesen <> 
2011-01-14 08:55:21 UTC ---
Fixed in r80240.

You can optionally define a 'mainpage-nstab' message to override the tab's text
for the mainpage.
I didn't like 'nstab-mainpage' because it would create an edge case where if
someone created a "MainPage:" namespace then it's tab and the mainpage's tab
would be shared in a conflicting way. After throwing around some names Tim
suggested 'mainpage-nstab' like the 'mainpage-description' we have.

I had an interesting discussion in irc with Tim on the parser function idea
too. The idea of a {{DISPLAYTITLE}} style parser function to override the tab
text is an interesting idea, and someone is free to try implementing it as
well, it's a much more generic and widely useful feature than the simple
mainpage tab override. But after thinking about how one would implement that, I
ended up settling on the fact that while DISPLAYTITLE works nicely in the
parser output because you only view the page title on that page. But the main
page tab is displayed on the page itself, on it's talkpage, and on all the
other things like delete, and move (in 1.18 Move correctly keeps the page's
tabs). So if we wanted to correctly display the tab we'd end up having to fetch
the parser output (and potentially parse) the article content when we view a
talkpage, the edit page, the move page, etc... just to see if the page defined
some custom ui tab text (which on most wikis will only be 1 page or none at
all). Tim suggested instead we just make it so you'll have to edit
Talk:Main_Page to use the same parserfunction to get the same view... though
that would leave edit, move, etc... with an inconsistent ui in regards to
mainpage tab text.

In any case, open a new bug if you want a more generic parser function to
control the text of a namespace tab. This specific bug should be fixed now.

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