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The current language selection interface is solely for targeting a campaign to
a particular language project (or projects), it has no relation to what
language the campaign's banners are served in (or available in). So for example
if you use the interface to target a banner to the French wikipedia, it will
still be displayed in English, German, etc, if those translations are available
and a user has their interface language set to one of those. So for that
reason, the two proposed solutions won't work.

The essential problem here is that decisions about what banners are served are
decided completely based on campaign information, and campaigns have no
knowledge of banner content/settings/translations.

I'm not sure there's a good way to solve this without rewriting CentralNotice.
Also, there is the question of what should happen in the case that the banner
is not available in the user's language. Should they get a fall-back banner? If
so, how is it chosen? What if no banners are available in the user's language?
Would they get no banner, an English banner, or a notice that translation is
needed? It seems that we would need to add another layer of interface to the
tool to handle these situations.

In the past this problem has been mitigated by added a "Help translate" link to
all the banners. Not sure why that wasn't used this year, though.

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