--- Comment #3 from Ryan Kaldari <> 2011-01-14 22:08:53 
UTC ---
Well if we're ignoring the user-language distinction, and you don't want to
target languages manually, there's really no point in even having the interface
for targeting languages at all. The targeting should just be automatic based on
which translations are available.

Assuming we wanted to switch to such a system, there are still a few issues:
1. What constitutes having a translation? Would 100% of the messages have to be
translated, just 1, something in between?
2. The weights and allocations would no longer be reliable across an entire
project type (you might have dramatically different actual allocations for
various languages)
3. We still would need to figure out what do to in the case in which no
translated banners were available. Do we show nothing?

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