--- Comment #4 from James Alexander <> 2011-01-14 
22:20:08 UTC ---
While I'm not in any way against having an option to target only to where
translations are in the system if the option is manual or automatic the choice
must be manual. Even when we have lots of translations (for example the Jimmy
banner) we will always have multiple times when we only want to be sending that
banner to 1 or a handful of projects/languages (in fact most campaigns were
like that) or the alternative of sending it to all projects even if we don't
have the translation yet.

Perhaps I wasn't clear about the user/language distinction. We've basically
been working on a content-language = user-language assumption with the
knowledge that while it isn't perfectly correct it is for the vast majority of
readers because all anons will use the content-language and logged in users
should all understand it if we don't have a translation yet.

I actually think that targeting by by content-language is far more flexible and
better overall, if we have to select manually then that's the trade off.
Obviously it would always be nice to have 'lots of options' but each option
adds a large amount of complexity into the system. 

In regards to question 3: Currently we fall back to English which I think is
what we want to do. If we're doing the "target by what we have available"
option then it would be none but we need to keep the current targeting system
at some level and if we do the English fall back makes sense. I don't know if
it is only English? I know we have some Chinese dialects that do not appear to
be falling back as they should (From what I'm told we have 6 language dialects
and we've always used 3 translations but have to manually copy over specific
ones to the extra 3 because they don't fall back to zh for example).

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