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(In reply to comment #5)
> The delete menu is a select dropdown; the behaviour of nested HTML elements in
> an <option> value is undefined.  In Firefox an <a> tag is rendered in the
> dropdown list, but it is not clickable, and it is not rendered when the option
> is selected in the collapsed field, instead displaying only the link text. 
> Bold and italics are not rendered in log summaries, and never have been AFAIK.

That is why I suggested wiki markup be stripped from <option> rather than
translated into HTML markup. I was originally going to suggest a stripped
version of the text be added to the label attribute as defined in HTML 4.01 for
<option>, which web browsers are suppose to display for the option name instead
when present, but Firefox apparently doesn't respect it.

I also had the idea of suggesting the use of drop menus similar to the ones
used in the new edit toolbox which would instead allow the wiki markup to be
interpreted and show a preview of the reason with links and all.

Maybe both choices could be included as preference options, while keeping the
current behavior as the default?

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