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> (In reply to comment #20)
> > BTW, the problem is slightly compounded by the fact that the special 
> > template
> > expansion pages (,
> >écial:ExpansionDesModèles) *don't* produce 
> > this
> > newline.
> I don't believe this is the case, on 1.16-wmf4 at least.

I disagree -- this can be reproduced as follows:

Go toçaise:abaisser&action=edit
and copy the content of that page (a template call).

Go toécial:ExpansionDesModèles, paste the page
content into the text area and click "OK". You get the expansion of the
template, without a newline at the top.

Now go toçaise:abaisser&action=raw&templates=expand.
You get the same expansion, but with a newline at the top.

The HTML source on that site has the meta tag <meta name="generator"
content="MediaWiki 1.16wmf4" />, so it seems to be using the version you

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