--- Comment #5 from Ashar Voultoiz <> 2011-01-17 16:49:39 UTC ---
Rethinking about it, we might have to implement a system to collect the end
user allocation size per ISP.

As an example, given an ISP with a /20 allocation and sub allocating a /60 to
each of its end users. When blocking the user IP address we could whois it to
find out the ISP superblock (/20 in my example) and then prompt to collect the
end user allocation size (/60 in my example, could be /64 per default).
The next time we try to block an end user for this ISP, we could internally
look up the default end user allocation size and use /60 as a default.

Most companies would be allocated a /48 from their ISP and have a different
policy. So we have to find the smallest possible block and set the default end
user allocation size for this block.  We should probably query the whois
database from time to time to detect networks changes.

Ideally, such a field should be available in the RIR databases. I have not
found any plan to implements it as of January 2011.

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