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> At [[Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)/Archive 69#What links here and
> navboxes]] I suggested a relatively simple sounding version: An option to hide
> pages that would not have linked if no transclusions had been performed on
> them. This seems good enough for most purposes to me, and a big improvement
> over the current options.

That means links made by the article but through transclusion won't be shown.
eg. links by {{user2}} or {{Infobox}}. (although that could be an acceptable

But aside from that illogical and inconsistant behaviour that will undoubltly
occur, I don't think it's technically possible.

If Article A has a template call to {{Foo}}.
{{Foo}} contains a link to Article B.

Then on Article B will be WhatLinksHere:
* Article A
* Template:Foo

This can't be avoided in any way since when the page is saved the entire
parsing of it is put into the pagelinks table, when getting WhatLInksHere one
can't filter out indirect links.

but although incoming links can't be distinguished, outgoing links can. So in
the futuristic "What leaves here" (bug 26757) there could be an option (if
really needed) to "Hide/Show indirect links" (page-, template- and filelinks).
Correct me if I'm wrong, but for incoming links this is next to possible unless
a really big change is made in the database schema.

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