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> Quoting Roan in
> '''
> Wikimedia doesn't technically use delta compression. It concatenates a
> couple dozen adjacent revisions of the same page and compresses that
> (with gzip?), achieving very good compression ratios because there is
> a huge amount of duplication in, say, 20 adjacent revisions of
> [[Barack Obama]] (small changes to a large page, probably a few
> identical versions to due vandalism reverts, etc.). However,
> decompressing it just gets you the raw text, so nothing in this
> storage system helps generation of diffs. Diff generation is still
> done by shelling out to wikidiff2 (a custom C++ diff implementation
> that generates diffs with HTML markup like <ins>/<del>) and caching
> the result in memcached.
> '''
...and I was wrong, see the replies to that post. We actually DO use
delta-based storage, almost exactly in the way you propose.

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