--- Comment #6 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-01-22 03:55:32 UTC ---
Ok, so if the only thing we're going to take out of it is $wgHooks entries for
schema updates, then explicitly global'ing $wgHooks is probably ok for
functional purposes.

We still have the problem that the extension files expect to be loaded in a
different context than where we're loading them, and they can spew warning
messages or halt the program with a fatal error...

As mentioned in IRC, loading up DefaultSettings.php into local function context
first will likely get most or all extension files to load through cleanly. It's
still possible some could fail due to something else not being set, or setting
their hooks from an extension setup function which might not get called, or
trying to include other libraries early etc.

It may be wise to cook up some guidelines to ensure that extension files are
safe to load outside of global context, but doing all that stuff really right
might be ugly.

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