--- Comment #7 from Subfader <> 2011-01-22 11:33:46 UTC ---
Not much I found out. Except strip there are no other imagemagick options you
can easily use on the fly without checking the image with a script.

The main advantage of the API is, that you don't to care about all
that (nor in the future). The image you receive is losslessly optimized to the
max while keeping metadata for JPEGs.

Thumbs generated by with imagemagick don't save much filesize when you smush
them. Except PNG thumbs of course, but that's the compromize for having it
resized on the fly.

But I talk about saving webspace and traffic for the originally uploaded
images. Thus I can understand Brion's pov having the originals untouched. But
not every wiki using MediaWiki is Wikipedia... (I love that argument).

So, I'd love to have an option to smuch images on upload, but can understand if
no dev wants to implent it since most devs only code what is good for WP.

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