--- Comment #4 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-01-22 19:04:08 UTC ---
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Screen shot of overflowing URL in commit section in list (Chrome 8.0.552.237)

Whether browsers are able to wrap very long words & URLs or just let them stick
out varies with the browser, and has been a long source of annoyance!

Firefox 4.0b9 seems to wrap the long URLs nicely, but I can still see the
reported issue in Chrome 8.0.552.237.

The good news is that while we probably can't force it to wrap them, we can
stop it from overflowing the text into the next cell.

The stylesheets have a 20em 'max-width' for .TablePager_col_cr_message, which
is what forces the cell to be so small. (This prevents the entire table from
being insanely huge when there's a giant unwrapped URL in the comment.)

Adding 'overflow: hidden' to this crops the overflowed text, which is pretty
much what we want here. Should be easy to add to the styles.

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