--- Comment #4 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-01-22 20:52:41 UTC ---
I can't reproduce the error with w3m 0.5.2:

  $ w3m

works fine. (Fresh w3m install on Ubuntu 10.10 x86_64.)

But I *can* reproduce it with your curl line. The problem is related to the
'Accept' header; Apache seems to be trying to negotiate as with the MultiViews
option I think, so it's looking for "view".something and has only "view.php"

When the user-agent claims to only support HTML, text formats, and image

  curl -v -H "User-Agent: w3m/0.5.2" --noproxy "*"  \
   -H "Accept: text/html, text/*; q=0.5, image/*"  \

You get a failure since "view.php"'s *file* type is none of those:

  Alternates: {"view.php" 1 {type application/x-httpd-php} {length 65}}

On the other hand if we include */* on the end, it works:

  curl -v -H "User-Agent: w3m/0.5.2" --noproxy "*"  \
   -H "Accept: text/html, text/*; q=0.5, image/*; q=0.25, */*"  \

Proper fix is probably to use Alias entries to map "view" to "view.php" etc;
these won't be dependent on type negotiation from the Accept headers. This'd
also allow turning off Options MultiViews if desired, for safety or

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