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21:00:13 UTC ---
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> I'm pretty sure this is not an UI issue, but an issue with the thumbnailer.

Or with the PagedTiffHandler extension config.

$ identify --version
Version: ImageMagick 6.5.1-0 2010-12-02 Q16 OpenMP
Copyright: Copyright (C) 1999-2009 ImageMagick Studio LLC
$ identify /etc/motd
identify: no decode delegate for this image format `/etc/motd' @
$ identify Anticommunist_Literature_1950s.tiff 
Anticommunist_Literature_1950s.tiff JPEG 325x495 325x495+0+0 8-bit DirectClass
$ identify Anticommunist_Literature_1950s.png
Anticommunist_Literature_1950s.png PNG 325x495 325x495+0+0 8-bit DirectClass

At the very least, I believe the example configuration for the 
$wgTiffIdentifyRejectMessages parameter should say something like:

'/^identify: no decode delegate/',

instead of

'/^identify: Not a TIFF/',

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