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> One reason why the citation templates can not be implemented in PHP is that
> citation style heavily depends on language/project. Russian Wikipedia may have
> a very different citation style than English one. Similar the citation style 
> in
> Wikiquote may be very different from Wikipedia. It also would be unreasonable
> to install several extensions - one for each language/project.

That's essentially what I said.  A PHP implementation wouldn't be doing
anything very much different to what the wikitext is doing; it probably
wouldn't even do it very much more efficiently.  A function which is
is not a good candidate for implementation in PHP rather than wikitext.  In
order to achieve anything meaningful, you have to change the *nature* of the
content, and turn it into semantic data.

> Convert template is...

This belongs on bug 235.

(In reply to comment #7)
> There isn't anything in what you describe that prevents this functionality 
> from
> being implemented in PHP. It might require a separate interface (using, e.g., 
> a
> separate Special page) or more customizability (using, e.g., $first_name
> variables in MediaWiki messages), but it certainly isn't impossible.

Indeed.  It's more that it's not a nice simple quick fix; this would probably
be as big a project as something like ResourceLoader, maybe even as big as
AbuseFilter.  Not something to be thrown together in an afternoon...

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