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--- Comment #4 from Krinkle <> 2011-01-25 14:15:44 UTC ---
Talked about this during the Hackathon, cc-ing Roan.

By the way, now that Wikipedia has a new logo, I think it oughta be updated to
the current one:

( )

Please note that all major wikis (both those with old logos and with the v2
logos) link to the versions on Commons that have alpha transparancy. It's the
older/smaller wikis without a localized logo that link to the out-of-mediawiki
path "/images/wiki-en.png" which is the old logo, in English, in 8-bit.

Although there is something to be said about IE6 support / alpha transparency.
Given that there hasn't been support for that in any major logo in many years,
and all PNG-renders for SVGs may be alpha transparent, I don't see why it
should be supported in the old fallback logo. (plus, there's fixalpha() [1] for
that, right ? )


[1]: fixalpha in IEFixes, which seems to cover the logo as well:

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