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            Summary|Imported edits do not move  |edits where the rev_user
                   |when account is renamed     |field in the revision table
                   |                            |or the ar_user field in the
                   |                            |archive table are 0 do not
                   |                            |move when a user is renamed

--- Comment #1 from Graham87 <> 2011-01-26 03:00:03 UTC ---
The initial bug summary was mistaken.

It is easy to tell whether an edit was imported from the Nostalgia Wikipedia
because it's revision ID (the number at the end of the URL, obtained by
clicking on the timestamp in the user contributions) is more than 330,000,000,
since it would have been imported in December 2009 or later. All the edits that
were left behind in the rename of User:Blake have revision IDs between 250,000
and 300,000, indicating that they were imported in September 2002 by Brion's
mass-import script.

The edits that were left behind in the user rename have one thing in common:
the user ID recorded in the database for the user who made the edit (i.e. the
rev_user field) for all the edits is 0, much like edits made by unregistered
users. This occurred because there was no user by the name of "Blake" when the
UseModWiki edits were mass-imported in September 2002. The user ID for a
specific edit is always 0 when there is no "contribs" link for that user when
viewing the edit. See principle 8 of:

In fact, the only edit imported from the Nostalgia Wikipedia did move when
Blake was renamed. See:

and note the edit's revision ID of 394,985,529. I have just imported two edits
from the Nostalgia Wikipedia that were made by User:Blake, to the articles
"Gray coding" and "Two stroke cycle". Fiddling with usernames from the
UseModWiki era generally makes my job harder; see the last bullet point in the
section about "Overlapping edits and mismatched titles" in my page about
importing edits from the Nostalgia Wikipedia (linked above). However it's not
much of a big deal in this case because User:Blake has only six edits in the
Nostalgia Wikipedia database.

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