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> > Even though the API documentation page is mostly read by technical guys, I
> > believe that a nice GUI would also help those (see for example
> >
> Our version of that Flickr page would probably be
> <>. As you note, directly accessing api.php 
> is
> supposed to largely be for developers (most of whom just ctrl/cmd-F on the 
> page
> and search for what they need).

Exactly, I still do visit api page, and use the browsers text search thing on

I believe it was discussed about doing the anchors (needed for the TOC). It was
decided to be a bit strange. As such, I implemented being able to request
specific sections of the help screen. Coming in 1.17

See bug 19721 for info about that one

(In reply to comment #1)
> Need to have some way to indicate an anchor in the text that is only displayed
> in fm mode...
> I see no sane way to do this.

"Go back to wiki" link is probably somewhat pointless, I mean, if you went
directly to the api page, you're not going back. If you went to it via some
onwiki link, you've got your browsers navigation tools, surely?

Certainly, if you've got some specific ideas...

I've added word wrap at 100 chars (or something) in SVN, which might be worth
backporting to 1.17 for the benefits (Roan, ok with that, as a usability

We do link back to the docs at the top. When Zak, Roan and I have
finished tidying them up, it might be a nice thing to add some more specific

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