--- Comment #1 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-01-27 21:30:05 UTC ---
Full site renames are much harder than user renames; there's a few areas to

* changing the '''database name'''

This is really hard, and makes ops and toolserver admins hate anybody asking
for it. Ideally we should never have to do it but we have a lot of stuff that
maps language & site suffix directly to/from DB names, or uses the DB names
directly for some cross-wiki operations.

If the mapping of '''site key name''' <-> '''database name''' can be
abstracted, this at least some of that may become easier.

* changing the '''language code prefix''' for the subdomain and interwiki links

Currently I think some manual mappings can be done to change the visible
language & subdomain without changing the database name, but it leaves the
"different" db name exposed in other places as above.

Note also that things like can need additional mappings.

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