--- Comment #8 from Thor Malmjursson <> 2011-02-02 
13:16:16 UTC ---
Brion, I've not honestly tested it with a brand new account, so I'll set a new
one up and have a shot. The video was done at commons so I'll try and do a new
test account and run it through there.  I do have several gadgets on, but
nothing at commons other than TinEye.  I'll see where it goes.  And for the
record, yes I do see this problem when not logged in.


(In reply to comment #5 by Mark A Hershberger)
> I count two OSes: iOS 4.0 and Mandriva.  Is there a third?

Yes there is. If you refer to the text of the discussion which started this on
Commons Village Pump, located here:

You'll notice that the OP, Jarekt, was on Windows XP with Firefox.  So that
makes iOS 4.0, Mandriva and Windows XP.

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