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--- Comment #15 from Krinkle <> 2011-02-03 01:12:40 UTC ---
For the record, both the "page id" and "first revision id" are variable and
able to change without there being an edit made as far as I know. At the least
they're not unique or guaranteerd to stay forever the same (the first revision
could be deleted or hidden, then what ?).

Or perhaps it was already deleted (to the archive table that is, not
rev_del/hidden'ed), once it's restored, stuff changes first revision is no
longer the first revision. Not to forget Special:Import, entirely new revisions
coulid be inserted into the middle or before the history. is "first" revision
referring to the first created, oldest timestamp or lowest revision number ?

Or article histories are merged, then the the page id could change.  Or when
the entire page is deleted and undeleted (not sure if the id always stays the
same when (un)deleting, I think sometimes or always a new page-id is assigned)

Although there certainly are some magic words that are able to change without
editing the page, given that pageid/first-revision-id are (also) able to
change, the possible usecases may not apply anymore.

Anyway, just my 2c,


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