--- Comment #5 from Erwin Dokter <> 2011-02-03 22:02:37 UTC ---
I opened a new bug because this one was in the wrong category (and could not be
changed unless closed). But to reitterate:

GeSHi is inserting redundant <div style="font-family: monospace;"> and even
less necessary <pre style="font-family: monospace;"> into the generated HTML.
Redundant because the inline generated CSS already contains the necessary font
declaration, and <pre> is already using a monospace font.

The way it is currently declared also has problems in several browsers that
cause the text to be too small (see bug 20706, for which a general fix has been
applied, but also needs to be applied here), and also interferes with sitewide
CSS (ie. common.css).

What needs to be done:
* Remove the inline, hardcoded font styling from the generated HTML (as it is
already present in the generated CSS)
* Change the default font declaration in the generated CSS to
style="font-family: monospace, 'Courier New';" (see bug 20706 for explanation;
the objective is not to prefer Courier New, but to trigger the correct
behaviour of those borwsers)

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