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                   |                            |to something that actually
                   |                            |has glyphs for Chinese
                   |                            |characters

--- Comment #1 from Bawolff <> 2011-02-04 19:32:33 UTC ---
as of r62018, easy time line supports specifying alternate fonts in
LocalSettings.php. Changing to a shell request.

The relevant setting is something like:
$wgTimelineSettings->fontFile = "fontFile.ttf"

probably would also want to update:
$wgTimelineSettings->epochTimestamp = '20081209214953';
to something more recent (Currently specified as above in CommonSettins.php)

fontFile.ttf must be in the path specified by $GDFONTPATH environment variable.
(Which i believe for wikimedia is /usr/local/apache/common/fonts .)

As for which fontFile, presumably we already have at least one chinese font
installed for the svg renders(?)

See also bug 21497

It might also be interesting idea to change the default font for all wikis to
be DejaVu Sans, since that supports significantly more characters than FreeSans
afaik, however that might break pre-existing timelines on enwikipedia if they
depend on letters to be specific sizes. Should be done with care in any case.

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