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--- Comment #2 from Bawolff <> 2011-02-05 02:36:16 UTC ---
First off, yay! people are testing things from my branch!

Just to clarify, is this from the debug output, or are you seeing this as an
error message. In the case of invalid XMP metadata, it is supposed to dump a
whole bunch of stuff to the debug output, but show no error message to the
user, and generally behave as if there was no metadata for the file. The
ordinary user should not be able to see that message.

On to the actual issue. It rejects the file, because the xmp data actually is
invalid. According to the standard (
), the list of creators must be an ordered list (with primary/most important
author first).

However, this isn't the first file I've heard of that incorrectly uses an
unordered list for creators. Presumably there's a broken xmp encoder somewhere.
It might be a good idea to be lax on the ordered vs unordered distinction
instead of just rejecting the metadata.

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