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> From my understanding, the purpose of the 'editprotected' permission is so 
> that
> if you lack the permission to edit the page normally (in other words, you lack
> the permission that the page protection is set to), you would still be able to
> edit. Therefore, if my understanding is correct, then the correct behavior
> would be to allow editing any protected page no matter what permissions you
> have assigned or revoked.
> If you remove the 'editprotected' permission from 'mygroup', then both of your
> cases should work as intended. If for some strange configuration reason you
> can't simply remove this permission, then please post exactly what sort of
> configuration you are trying to have so that I can either see why this bug
> needs to be "fixed" or if I can offer alternatives.

Giving a specific permission to a group that also has the 'protect' right
automatically gives them the ability to protect the page to that level, with no
way of changing that. However, with 'editprotected', having the 'protect' right
doesn't help unless you specifically have the right for one or more levels.
What I was trying to do was give (in this example) 'mygroup' rights to edit all
pages except 'mylevel', but only be able to 'protect' pages to

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