--- Comment #5 from Michael Dale <> 2011-02-06 19:24:10 UTC ---
Setting loader.using to be only pre-dom ready would be bad. The mediaWiki code
documentation that says the callback should be issued once the modules are
'ready' and the code includes stubs for checking if it can do a document.write
vs a script append. As mentioned above if not supported it should fire an
error. But feature wise its something that /should/ be supported, else people
will have to wrap the resource loader functionality with ugly hacks anytime
they want to load after DOM is ready. If random client code becomes responsible
manually loading decencies post DOM ready it will get messy and difficult to
avoid re-loading the same module twice. 

There are lots of reasons you may want to load dependencies after the DOM is
ready. Like a gadget that searches the page for a particular dom id or css
class or config, or sub-components invoked on user interaction like an
add-media-wizard pulling in an 'upload wizard' interface when you click the
'upload' button on edit pages ( without loading all of this every time you
visit the base edit page ) or anytime you have asynchronous build out of
components with dynamic dependencies ( ie checking the API or DOM some
information that affects the set of interfaces that you load for that page ...
or simply for performance reasons you may want to display the page before every
possible user interface and sub component is loaded and blinded.

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