--- Comment #4 from Trevor Parscal <> 2011-02-07 17:29:35 
UTC ---
To be clear, the toolbar code is mostly very modular, and this is a use case we
paid attention to in it's design. There are two components to the toolbar, the
plugin and the activator. The configuration (what buttons are where, what they
do, what the look like, what label text they use) is in the activator -
ext.wikiEditor.toolbar. The code that takes that config and builds a toolbar
from it is jquery.wikiEditor.toolbar.

There have been other requests, which I agree with, which propose to make the
configuration more configurable. I just wanted to point out, that all that
needs to happen is work to make the activator more re-usable. The jQuery
extension is highly reusable, and can even be used more than once on a single

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