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--- Comment #6 from xenocidic <> 2011-02-08 23:02:45 UTC ---
Ok, I have a real one now. We want to be able to pass a "suppressRedirect=1" to
have the new box automatically ticked during usurp requests. Amalthea explained
to me this this is not possible because of lines 49 to to 60 of r81598.

---Amalthea wrote the following---
// If nothing given for these flags, assume they are checked
// unless this is a POST submission.
$move_checked = true;
$suppress_checked = false;
if ( $wgRequest->wasPosted() ) {
  if ( !$wgRequest->getCheck( 'movepages' ) ) {
    $move_checked = false;
  if ( $wgRequest->getCheck( 'suppressredirect' ) ) {
    $suppress_checked = true;

It disregards any values for the options "movepages" and "suppressredirect" if
they are passed in via url parameters. Why I don't know, they don't seem
sensitive enough for that to me. The check was introduced by "Greg" in revision
20843 when he made the movepages checkbox remember its status after a form
submit. When suppressredirect was added, the code for movepages was apparently
simply copy&pasted (as you can see the comment is still wrong), and inherited
that logic. In my opinion, that "wasPosted" check can be removed entirely here.

Thanks for your swift attention to this.

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