--- Comment #7 from 2011-02-09 15:02:29 UTC ---
The redirect to Mobile view works OK if the iPhone 4 is running iOS 4.2 Safari
However, it is not working like it did with Apple browser sample code we
installed in our app.
That worked until SDK version 4.0 came along, for the the prior year most of
the time.
We don't deploy the Safari browser because it forces the user out of our
medical iPhone app.

Something changed along the way as you have pointed out.
We are hoping it can be fixed again to redirect as it did previously using url
strings like this:

Those are the strings that redirected in the past.

I notice that the newest iPhone Safari browse does redirect to the Mobile views
Safari seems to be a smart enough agent to insert another character into the
string above when a 
Google search is done on Breech Presentation.

When the link is selected:

Breech birth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

it goes to:

Notice that it ads an m to the string automatically and that produces the
Mobile View

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