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> > Is there a gender-neutral word for "User"?
> In Polish - no (and probably the same sitution in other Slavic languages).
> We use the masculine form as a gender-neutral, *only* if we do not have in 
> mind
> a specific person. But if I know that I speak with a woman, then I use the
> feminine form - if someone uses the masculine form it is very rude.

The same applies for Portuguese. See for example this discussion:

Not only there are different words used for masculine/feminine, but also, for
different variants of Portuguese, e.g. pt-PT and pt-BR.

Currently, the pt-BR/masculine word "Usuário" is used, but this situation is
far from ideal, since it is not adequate for pt-PT, pt-AO, pt-... users and for
female users neither.

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