--- Comment #11 from Krinkle <> 2011-02-11 00:02:51 UTC ---
(just a little basic info here)
The session data is stored on the server side identified by a unique id. The
reference to this is stored in a cookie, so that when you go to the wiki PHP
checks which cookie you have so it known which session belongs to you.

When the path of this cookie is set properly, when you go to the different
wikis both will set their own cookie with an id for that wiki's path. Then you
visit the wiki and PHP get's the id, but because the coookie is set in a
certain path it only gets the right one.

In a way 'path' does exactly what you attempt to accomplish with the 'prefix'
you request, but better.

the browser only sends cookies that match the current path. so a request to
/server/foowiki/some/dir/ will be sent the cookie that was set with

Likewise, visiting /server/foowiki/barwiki/somedir will result in the browser
sending cookies that match that current path, including:
* / (root, sitewide)
* /foowiki (also matches cookies set for the other wiki...)
* /foowiki/barwiki
* /foowiki/barwiki/somedir

I hope that made sense.

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