--- Comment #12 from Platonides <> 2011-02-11 00:03:25 UTC 
> Unlike the cookies names which already reflect the wiki database names in 
> their
> cookie names like 'wiki1userID', the session currently only uses a
> database-INDEPENDT name 'wsUserID' etc. like $_SESSION['wsUserID'].

This makes no sense. $_SESSION['wsUserID'] at http://server/wiki1 will access
storage pointed by cookie wiki1userID, while $_SESSION['wsUserID'] at
http://server/wiki2 will access storage pointed by cookie wiki2userID

> I developed a patch to make the session variables conform to the cookie names
> and wish to have this or a similar change submitted to the current TRUNK.
> The attached patch is for BRANCH 1.16.2. Basically, I added $wgCookiePrefix to
> _all_ Session variables.

You would need to have changed $wgSessionName or $wgCookiePrefix in order to
have such behavior.

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