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--- Comment #2 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-02-12 04:56:23 UTC ---
Ok, it looks like the set of suggestions don't get reset properly when the
dialog reinitializes itself on the second run.

(The dialog isn't destroyed on first completion; it's merely hidden, then
re-shown and given new field contents.)

In the dialog's open function, it's calling:

   $( '#wikieditor-toolbar-link-int-target' ).suggestions();

(the actual full setup came earlier, in the init function, and adds the
handlers and such).

But in jquery.suggestions.js, it looks like the suggestions container and such
don't get cleared here -- they only get created the first time round, then the
data is saved, and it isn't recreated.

I can call .suggestions('suggestions', []) to clear the set, but this seems to
break the initial load of data.

As I'm not sure where to proceed from here, I'm handing the bug over to Trevor,
who seems to have his hands on jquery.suggestions.js :)

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