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--- Comment #6 from MZMcBride <> 2011-02-12 05:55:56 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> See discussion starting at 07:20 here:
> In short, this was a deliberate change per bug 23126, so we're going to leave
> this as is for now.  If there's a community consensus to change this, we can
> revisit it.

Re-opening this for now. Auto-creations should logged, as nearly any action to
a wiki should be logged. According to the linked discussion, there were two
reasons for not logging accounts of auto-created users:

It was a response to .
Stewards complained that locked accounts can continue to autocreate on other
wikis. I decided to turn off autocreation logging because it:
 1) allows vandals to flood local logs with "X plays with blocks" nonsense,
 2) is useless (I did not find the use case).

If the accounts are _globally locked_, it's perfectly reasonable to restrict
them from being able to create accounts on other wikis. This bug is about
regular, non-locked accounts not being logged. This is broken behavior.

If an account is created on a wiki, it should go into [[Special:Log/newusers]].
If an account is globally locked, it should not be auto-created on other wikis
(and thus it should not go into [[Special:Log/newusers]] as there would be
nothing to log).

Perhaps I'm missing something obvious and this can be re-resolved with further
explanation, but as I see this currently, the behavior makes absolutely no
sense. The current behavior is that _any_ auto-created accounts are not logged
and this is wrong.

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