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> But, MZ, I'm not sure how saying "StringFunctions isn't going to happen" is 
> the
> same as saying "ParserFunctions can't fill the role".  When you say "oh, if we
> can't have StringFunctions, then we need some actual programming language"
> you're ignoring this third solution.

I don't understand how any of this is confusing to you. There were two
extensions (StringFunctions and ParserFunctions). In an attempt to get
StringFunctions enabled on Wikimedia wikis, the StringFunctions extension was
merged into ParserFunctions, making the StringFunctions extension obsolete. Tim
added a configuration variable that specifically disables StringFunctions
functionality within the ParserFunctions extension.

The ability for string manipulation is already built in to ParserFunctions. If
this bug were about getting ParserFunctions to "fill this [string manipulation]
role," the bug would already be resolved. ParserFunctions already has the
ability to manipulate strings, but it has been clearly stated at bug 6455 that
enabling StringFunctions functionality from within the ParserFunctions
extension is not going to happen.

This bug is about the generic ability to manipulate strings on a Wikimedia wiki
using some kind of markup. This bug is _not_ about adding string manipulation
functionality to ParserFunctions (or doing anything with the ParserFunctions
extension, for that matter).

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