--- Comment #7 from Brion Vibber <> 2011-02-12 06:26:31 UTC ---
Stumbled on this in bugzilla... I like the basic idea of the patch, but there's
a couple of issues which'll need to be worked out.

First, not all URLs with encoded characters are encoded in UTF-8... while we
like to hope that most of them are in this day and age, there's no guarantee.
Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc sites may still use other national encodings,
especially on older links...

Reasonable behavior would at least need to check for UTF-8 validity to avoid
outputting garbage characters.

Second, there are lots of meaningful characters in URLs where the difference
between being encoded and not actually changes the URL; for instance Firefox
will show


and not as:
which would actually point to "[[What's Eating Gilbert Grape]]" with an empty
query string on the end if you copy-pasted the text.

Third, if the above are resolved, I'd probably be pretty happy with *not*
adding the parameter on makeExternalLink() -- it's probably sane behavior for
the automatic formatting of the bare link display in pretty much all cases.

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