--- Comment #3 from Derk-Jan Hartman <> 2011-02-12 12:28:21 
UTC ---
1.17 does have a new SVG parser, that could cause for a change in behavior.
This parser could reject files, that were not rejected before. It might have
been that some of these 'incorrect' files were renderable by librsvg. However
the files are broken, and should be fixed (And actually can easily be fixed).

None of the original files display in Safari. If we did show them before, then
we were more lenient on SVG correctness then Operating Systems.

The PNG doesn't render either on Mac OS X and is actually uploaded last
november on top of a working file. Likely this is just an error in the file as
well. The new PNG parser could bring this problem to light I guess, but the
file is broken nonetheless.

I personally suggest wontfix for all of these, because they are actually broken
files. Commons editors could easily revert or repair them if they want to.

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