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--- Comment #9 from Ryan Lane <> 2011-02-12 17:09:18 UTC ---
Just to make sure you understand that blocking geoip is a fruitless effort for
more than just the problem you are having...

The geoip stuff simply takes your IP address, and correlates it with the
country you are in. We could likely go down to the city scale, but currently
are not.

You are accomplishing absolutely nothing by blocking the geoip server. Every
time you visit any site anywhere, or send a packet to any server in existence,
you are sending them the same exact information you are sending to the geoip
server. It isn't a breach of privacy as the information you are sending is
totally public, and we don't share this information with anyone. The
information is added to your session, and isn't available to anyone else.

We don't use this information to track you. In fact, we *do* use the
information to adjust your content. Currently it is only being used for
fundraiser banners, but gadget writers have plans for using the information as
well. So, if you block this server, at minimum expect you user experience to
not be as good. (Remember that gadgets are javascript, and as such are client
side, using information that is only available to you, and not to the gadget

FYI, we also use geoip services for load balancing to our caching servers. We
do geoip lookup based on your DNS resolver. This is so that we can send you to
faster servers for your area.

I'm a fairly paranoid person, but I at least am paranoid about things I
actually should be paranoid about, and not paranoid about every thing that
/sounds scary/.

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