--- Comment #4 from David <> 2011-02-12 17:33:21 UTC ---
Well I can confirm that the $wgCustomConvertCommand = "gm convert %s -resize
%wx%h %d"; is being ignored on r80886 when uploading svg files. I.e.
svghandler::reasterize() does not respect that variable:

"SvgHandler::rasterize: convert -background white -thumbnail 800x427\!

this fails (although graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat is installed) with the
following error message:

"thumbnail failed on syndi: error 1 "convert: Unrecognized option
(-thumbnail)." from "convert -background white -thumbnail 800x427\!

It is NOT being ignored by the BitmapHandler though:

"BitmapHandler::doTransform: Running custom convert command gm convert
'/var/www/' -resize 800x600

This works just fine.

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