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--- Comment #1 from Krinkle <> 2011-02-14 22:21:55 UTC ---
Rather than reinventing the loader for wiki pages I think we better ingrate
with what we already have.


mw.loader.wikiLoad( 'User:Liangent/Scripts/a.js' ), which internally will use
the same as used for "MediaWiki:Common.js" and "User:Liangent/vector.js"

Regarding mw.loader.pageGo(), you can use an array of modules in mw.loader.load
or mw.loader.using.

mw.loader.load( ['jquery.colorUtil', 'jquery.hoverIntent',
'jquery.ui.autocomplete'] );


mw.loader.using( ['jquery.ui.widget', 'jquery.ui.mouse'], function(){
  // do fancy stuff with widgets and mice.

both only make 1 http request:
mw.loader.pageLoad( ['User:Liangent/Scripts/a.js',
'User:Liangent/Scripts/b.js', 'User:Liangent/Scripts/c.js'] );

Adding a wikiLoad function I think is a great idea that is a must-have.
However, again, it should not map to mw.loader.load(
http://.org/w/?title=TITLE&action=raw&ctype=text/javascript); but instead
really go to the server and minify it like it would do for User:/vector.js or

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