--- Comment #22 from Paine Ellsworth <> 2011-02-16 01:03:09 UTC 
(In reply to comment #20)
> If this move ever happens (I wouldn't hold your breath tbh), it will not be
> before there is a consensus about the new name.
> There is currently a formal move request at [[MediaWiki talk:Bad image
> list#Move request]] that might see such a consensus (but again I wouldn't hold
> your breath).

I took up your final suggestion nearly a year ago, and there have been some who
took it up long before that.
There is consensus.  The problem is that it's a consensus against the old name,
not for a new name.  And it also involves a consensus that just about any new
name Mr. Starling comes up with (except anything that involves the word
"blacklist" - these are not images, files and media that are blacklisted, their
usage is merely being restricted) would be an improvement to MediaWiki. 
I entered another supportive argument on the Talk page you cited, but believe
me, I harbor no illusions about any of this.  And there are other
considerations that I will advance in my response to Bawolff.

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